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Facial Toner – Tight Pores – Herbs & Essential Oils

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Experience the power of herbs and essential oils in our Facial Toner. Reveal smoother, radiant skin effortlessly.


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A Symphony of Freshness: Pore-Perfecting Elixir

Step into the realm of botanical refinement with Scented Potions’ All Natural Facial Toner. Let the captivating scent embrace you as this elixir works its magic, tightening your pores and uplifting your mood. This isn’t just a toner; it’s a botanical symphony, a breath of fresh air for your skin that transcends the ordinary.

Age-Defying Alchemy: Beyond Anti-Aging Norms

Indulge in the alchemy of age-defying botanicals. Our Facial Toner goes beyond the conventional, blending African Black Soap with a bouquet of Therapeutic Essential Oils – Elemi, Lime, Lavender, Vetiver, Geranium, YlangYlang, and Tea Tree. Experience a potion that clarifies, lightens, and rejuvenates, leaving you with a complexion that defies time. This is more than a skincare ritual; it’s a celebration of timeless beauty.

Nature’s Antiseptic Touch: Healing Elegance

Discover the elegance of nature’s antiseptic touch. Our Botanical Refinement Toner is more than a beauty treatment; it’s a healing elixir. Bid farewell to skin woes as this toner becomes your ally against acne, pimples, breakouts, rosacea, and eczema. Feel the soothing embrace of botanical remedies, bringing healing and elegance to your skincare routine.

Guilt-Free Radiance: Chemistry-Free Beauty

Scented Potions invites you to indulge guilt-free in the radiance of botanical refinement. This toner is a pledge to chemical-free beauty, a commitment to your skin’s health and vitality. Revel in the luxury of pure botanicals as you pamper your skin, knowing that each drop is a step toward a more radiant you. Elevate your glow, embrace the botanical refinement, and let Scented Potions redefine your skincare experience.

Weight 4 g
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 2 mm


Instant Visible Result Facial Toner

Bask in the attractive scent of this All Natural Facial Toner as you tighten your pores and lift your spirits.  When you feel good you look better.
The synergy of the ingredients results in natural skin lighteners that clarify your complexion and eliminate dark spots.
This is more than an anti-aging formula, it’s more like an age reversing potion, created with a blend of.
Essential Oils that help in diminishing breakouts and pimples.
Great antiseptic properties that benefit  acne, pimples, break-outs, rosacea and eczema.

What's in it

Created with a 100% all natural Fair Trade ingredients.


African Black Soap, Purified Water,  Therapeutic Essential Oils of Elemi, Lime, Lavender, Vetiver, Geranium, YlangYlang, Tea Tree.

What's not in it

Free of Sulfates, SLS, Parabens or Any Other Chemicals or Fillers


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