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Crown V-XIX – Lung Support


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Artemisia Annua Herbal Extract
Myrrh Herbal Extract
Marshmallow Root Herbal Extract
Echinacea Herbal Extract
Homeopathy (Natrum Muriaticum and Rhus Toxicodendron)
Food grade alcohol and distilled water

2 reviews for Crown V-XIX – Lung Support

  1. John

    In took the Crown V , in the height of the pandemic and I can say that I felt protected and till this day I did not get Covid. This is my go to potion to combat that horrendous virus…I swear by it…

  2. Catherine

    If you are looking for an alternative homeopathic treatment/remedies solutions for COVID or upper respiratory symptoms/infections then look no more.

    I have bought Crown V-XIX – Lung Support in two different occasion. First time was when my husband, kids and I got Covid back in 2020 and it worked like a charm. I loved the fact that it’s all natural and I was able to continue to breastfeed my twins who were 8 months at the time without any side effects to me or my babies.

    The second time around my husband and I were feeling flu like symptoms accompanied with upper respiratory discomfort and Crown V-XIX – Lung Support helped us recover without the need on any antibiotics.

    What’s amazing about this product since it is all natural is that it can be taken by both children and adults.

    Since learning about this product it has now become my go to remedy for any virus/infection or upper respiratory symptoms for me and my entire family.

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