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Deep Cleansing Clarifying Face Wash


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What's in it

Created with a 100% all natural Fair Trade ingredients.


African Black Soap, Purified Water,  Therapeutic Essential Oils of Elemi, Lime, Lavender, Vetiver, Geranium, YlangYlang, Tea Tree.

What's not in it

Free of Sulfates, SLS, Parabens or Any Other Chemicals or Fillers

5 reviews for Deep Cleansing Clarifying Face Wash

  1. Tyrone

    This Product is a charm , every time I start using it , literally I have someone commenting what I did to face that I look younger. if it had 100 Stars I would put it….

  2. Maria Rosenberg

    Es un jabón super natural que con sus minerales unidos a los aceites esenciales puedes disfrutar de una limpieza profunda, el control natural del PH de la piel, mas la eliminación de grasa en exceso.

  3. Zuhey

    My THE ONLY facewash I have used for the last 6 years and the only ONE I will continue to use. It leaves my face cleansed without drying and it smells great! I use the entire line and always get compliments on how youthful my skin looks. Thanks Scented Potions!!

  4. Shelley

    The most clarifying cleanser that smells divine and doesn’t leave my face feeling dry. Clears breakouts and I swear it helps prevent hyperpigmentation!

  5. Edilma Gillett

    Face wash is amazing,instant results noticed.Face wash started to even out my facial complexion and lightened dark areas under eyes and face.It’s a must.

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