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We all crave a good night’s sleep. It’s no secret, but if you’re kept awake by snoring, whether it’s your own, or someone else’s, it’s pretty hard to rake in those Z’s. After all, a lumpy couch or a mattress on the floor can be rather uncomfortable, especially in the winter, when you just want to curl up in bed, cozy and warm. That’s where Snore No More comes in.

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Hyssop – An ancient ingredient you can even find in the bible! Hyssop helps to relieve respiratory issues, from colds and coughs. It even helps with ageing related skin problems, like sagging or wrinkles, so a few drops on your cheeks could make you glow with youth.

Lemon – A staple for any relief against colds, coughs and the flu. Lemon is great for any respiratory problems. It will not only help you feel more energized in the morning, but it can help with many other things, like reducing anxiety and depression, improve acne and for those pregnant women out there, ease morning sickness.

Ylang Ylang – A star from the Far East. Found in oceanic countries like The Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia, Ylang Ylang is another great relief against coughs and colds, particularly with headaches. Not only that, it can help with depression, boosting your mood and lowering your blood pressure, so you’re not so tense when you go to sleep at night.

Rosemary – A classic addition to any herbal medicines. Rosemary can help relieve pain, ease stress and increase your blood circulation. It can even help concentration, so if your mind is all over the place, before you sleep, try meditating with the scent, to help relax and calm you.

Eucalyptus – Another great staple against colds and coughs, you’ll find this ingredient in any and all herbal remedies for respiration issues. That’s why it’s in here too. Not only does it open up your nasal passages, but it will also ensure relief for any sinus related problems.

Patchouli – A musky sweet scent that also helps with relieving anxiety and depression, Patchouli is also great for relieving pain, easing symptoms of coughs and colds and is a great ingredient for treating skin conditions like acne and dry skin.

Lavender – A natural sleeping agent, Lavender is one of the most traditional herbs in helping with sleep and easing pain. Its natural properties include alleviating anxiety, insomnia and acts as insect repellent. So, on those hot nights, when it’s difficult to sleep with the window closed, you can be sure those insects will stay far away from you.

Geranium – A great ingredient for inflammation, stress and anxiety and infections. Geranium can help you ease into your sleep, relaxing your mind and reducing any inflammation in your nasal passages, due to coughs and colds.

Clove – A great winter ingredient that can help with cold symptoms. Clove can be used to relieve pain and is a great antimicrobial that can kill bacteria.

Vetiver – A soothing scent that will help with sleep apnoea, vetiver is an antioxidant that will help in the circulation of your blood, so you can feel refreshed in the morning.

Rose – Another classic ingredient in perfumes, used to decrease anxiety and stress, and ease pain. So, you can bet that a good night sleep isn’t too far off


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