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Smoky, strong and overt.  This scent shits you into a sultry Arabian night.  Its reminiscent of an old world and long enchanting nights, spent with friends around the fire.



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Throw the overused scents that all your other friends wear. Scented Potions presents Symphony, a perfume that invites to the whimsical world of enchantment. With each spray, you transform into a pedestrian of a vibrant Arabian night bazaar, where your senses are all but overwhelmed by a unique combination of spices and dreamy perfumes. It is a fragrance that softly tells stories of the past and ignites your desire each time you take a step.

Old-World Allure, Modern Confidence: The Symphony Perfume is much more than a simple smell; it is a sensation. It drips off luxury and confidence with a sultry, bold smell that makes people stare and want to know more.

Why Symphony Perfume is Different:

Natural Beauty, Captivating Scent: Every fake item is terrible indeed, so start using what is real and get genuine luxury. Symphony Perfume, which is made with natural organic essential oils, has a premium scent fragrance that softly touches your skin.

Long-Lasting Impression in Every Drop: Just one spritz of Symphony perfume is enough to startle all memories of you. Not like the olfactory effects, which are short-lived in nature, it is our persistent perfume that is invaluable in bringing back the unforgettable feeling of your unparalleled presence.

Luxury Without Worries: It should not be a choice between smelling good and feeling good. Symphony Perfume offers the best of both worlds: a fragrance that is luxurious, long-lasting and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

The Perfect Scent for You:

Find Your Signature Scent: Stop searching for a generic perfume that blends in. Symphony Perfume is for the woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. It’s a fragrance that celebrates your unique style and leaves a trail of mystery wherever you go.

Peace of Mind with Every Spritz: Worried about allergies or harsh chemicals? Symphony is your answer. It’s a safe and gentle perfume that lets you feel confident and beautiful naturally. 

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 5 × 2 × 2 mm


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