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Happily-Mood Shifter Inhaler


Shift your mood to be Happy, Energetic, Calm, Soothing, Healthy, Mellow, Energized, and Rejuvenated.


Are you feeling Anxious, Stressed, Depressed, and Sleep-Deprived? Bring happiness back to your life. Numerous studies show that scents can have a positive effect on mood.


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Fragrance Key Notes Benefits:

Artemisia was traditionally used to soothe irritable children. It is also beneficial for treating inflammation and respiratory issues and improving circulation.

Lavender helps improve sleep quality by calming the nervous system and increasing melatonin levels. Inhaling lavender scent can also have a soothing effect.

Vetiver: This oil has calming effects on the nervous system, making it beneficial for reducing stress and tension.

Rose, when inhaled, is beneficial for reducing stress, managing mood, and improving blood circulation.

Peru Balsam: This oil helps to expel the phlegm from your respiratory tract, clearing it completely. This improves breathing and prevents infections and diseases.


How to use:

Hold one nostril closed while sniffing the inhaler the other 3-4 times and vice versa, and repeat daily 2-3 times.

2 reviews for Happily-Mood Shifter Inhaler

  1. Awa Lodmell

    Happily was so loved by mama. It made her transition so much smoother and help us deal with the heavy hearts and the grieving.
    Such a beautiful and conforming fragrance

  2. Violetta S.

    The pandemic was in full swing. I was having a panic attack. A few drops of Happily on my chest…I was so relaxed I just fell asleed and woke up feeling my body had been reset.

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