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Curalo Pain Away Functional Perfume


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Pain, aches, a cold can slow you down and this Functional Perfume can help you find pain relief, cough relief and soothe headaches.

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4 reviews for Curalo Pain Away Functional Perfume

  1. Conchita Beasley (verified owner)

    this product truly takes the pain away anywhere in your body within seconds love it

  2. Clifford

    I was introduce this product by a other athlete, Since we put our body trough harsh condition this all natural pain reliver kept me on the mats…and by the way I love smell…

  3. Zuhey

    Okay, so here is a little story about my knee and Pain Away; I fell on my left knee a few weeks ago and was so scared because I was in pain and it also seemed like it was going to be a long recovery so I would have to stop exercising. I immediately reached for Pain Away, sprayed it on my knee and really felt relief. I continued to spray Pain Away 3 times a day on my knee and realized that the swelling was lessening and the pain was disappearing. I was able to continue to jump rope and do other exercises without missing a beat. When we support our body with the right care it can truly perform miracles! I have also used Pain Away on neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and even stomach pain caused by food intolerance. This is my go to spray for anything that decides to ache in my body.

  4. Kristine

    I have had back pain for years and after using this product it has gotten better. Also when she noticed my cough I told I had recently gotten over Covid and she told me to rub it on my chest and neck after 3 days the cough dried up.

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