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There are fragrances that take us back and there are fragrances that propel us forward.
We may not be fully aware that certain fragrances take us to a “time and place” that came and went; while there are other fragrances that take us to a “time and place” that is yet to come.Fragrances possess the power to remind us of who we used to be and who we are now.  A less common notion is that of fragrances that can draw us in the direction of the ‘I’ we wish to become. A familiar fragrance often triggers known experiences, known feelings, known persons. A personally tailored unfamiliar fragrance acts in the same way but in an opposite direction by opening us up to new experiences, new feelings and new encounters.

A fragrance can be used to move us between our todays and our yesterdays at times when we are stuck, yet need to look back in order to move forward unto new horizons.

Fragrances can aid us to move within the vastness of our inner world.  We can move in any direction to meet the needs of each moment: moving left and right, in and out, up and down and round and round. 

Damaris Nightingale is a Perfumer Alchemist who has been applying her knowledge of alchemy (the transmutation from one state of being to another); of natural perfumery and of the sciences of aromatherapy and olfaction.
She uses her skills and abilities to design a personal fragrance totally suited to your constitution.

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